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I am glad to announce that my first guest blog post has debuted on THINKing, the blog of My Creative Team. You can read it here:

Many thanks to Harry Hoover for making this happen. Be sure to visit their blog and website.

And for THINKing readers who want to keep up to date with OnlineMarketerBlog, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for checking out the site.

PS: Some late breaking news – I just found out that I made the Junta42 list for top content marketing blogs at #51. Thanks to all my readers!


New Address: Now

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Hello all – this is just a quick administrative note for your Tuesday. You will notice that all of the URLs for the site read instead of I changed it up because it’s a little more professional and easier to remember.

All of the old wordpress URLs redirect to the new address, so there’s nothing to fear. But you may want to update the address in your browser favorites or in your RSS reader (if you use one).

I will be back later this week with some more posts about online marketing and I have a special surprise coming up in the next day or so! I won’t tell you what it is now, but I am very excited. Stay tuned!

With all the growth here at the OnlineMarketerBlog, don’t forget to spread the news. Everyone has a marketing/communications/PR person in their office, or maybe just an uncle in the biz. Send them the new URL and tell them to subscribe. They will thank you for it!

OK, self-promotional screed finished – more online marketing posts coming up very soon. Thanks for reading!

Thank You

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I have enlisted so much help over the past couple of weeks in an effort to get this blog up and running. And man, have you guys responded. So many people have pitched in and I am awed by your support. I’d like to take just a moment to thank you.

So many people – family, friends, former co-workers – have done something to get the word out. I have heard about you telling your friends, seen mention of the blog in your email signatures and gmail status bars, noticed the and Firefox bookmarks, and I have been amazed by your evangelism and support.

You might not realize this, but I wake up at 5am (or earlier) to write this blog. It’s a time when work and family do not yet need me and I can focus solely on this project. And in those cold, dark mornings, it means a lot to know you’re there. To know that you were that visit or that click, to know that you give a damn about something as nerdy as online marketing. Or maybe that you just give a damn for me. Whatever your reasons, it does not go unnoticed.

Thank you.

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