Marketing To Latinos – What You Think You Know CAN Hurt You

March 11, 2008 at 4:42 am | Posted in Advertising, Communication, Decision making, General, Marketing, Online marketing | 4 Comments
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Imagine your job is to market to Latinos. Let’s say it is our job to sell houses to young Latino families. (While you’re flexing your imagination, forget the housing crisis for just a moment.)

OK, so we’re fancy ad execs ready to place these folks in the homes of their dreams. We’ve got two ads to chose from. The first ad features a large, politically-correctish-brownish family laughing the day away. The second ad shows a bright green lawn that was trimmed with sewing scissors and there’s a white picket fence, probably owned by people named Chet and Muffy in a locale that starts with “the” (think Hamptons, Vineyard, etc.).

Which would sell more houses to our young Latino family? What property has the appeal to seal the deal?

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