Who I Am and What I Do

After getting my Master’s, I cut my teeth in politics. I mostly worked in strategic communications and worked my way up from knocking on doors to managing a field campaign. Then I transitioned to marketing for a magazine and now work in healthcare marketing.

These jobs may give the impression of bouncing around disparate disciplines – a twisty career path at least – but that impression would be incorrect. This path gives me 7 years experience in persuasive marketing communication. It includes online, print, direct mail, and in-person – whatever the venue, if you have a worthwhile product, I can tell folks why they should invest.

Why Blog?

Good question. The answer is two-fold.

First, this blog serves as my living resume. It catalogs my competence, opinions, ideas, ideals, and experience, and also captures the less-tangibles like professionalism and work ethic.

And second, I started this blog because I am terrified about providing for my family. I get up at 4:45am every morning to write because I want to learn more, write better, and become a leader in my field – so that I can take care of my family.


If you read this far, you may also be interested in subscribing, helping spread the word, advertising, or pursuing other business opportunities. Thanks for reading!

OnlineMarketerBlog [at] gmail [dot] com



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  1. Hey, you’re in Chicago! Where? Maybe we’ll run into each other one of these days.

  2. Fear no man or weather….”May I have more cake please?”

  3. Hello,

    My name is Ron with Network Tuesday’s, I was thinking we could do some business together…

    Please contact me @ 803.517.8494. Or e-mail me @ rmd05_5@hotmail.com, I can send you more info online.


  4. Hey DJ! I found your blog through Ben’s post – I’ll check you out! Right now I’m in the Twin Cities, interning for Utne. Hope all is great!


  5. I’ve enjoyed your posts and have added you to my blogroll. Keep up the good work.

    Myles Bristowe
    American Marketing Association – Boston Chapter

  6. I would like to talk to you about self promotion and using the web to get a head. And how with ltitle funds it is really possible to get the exposure you want and need.

    isobella jade

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  8. Hey!

    I’m jumping in head first into online communities and idea sharing. I’ve just started my own blog on web 2.0 and marketing. Could you share some of your experiences in starting your blog? What have you learned so far? Do you regret any posts that you’ve made or not made?

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  9. Hey there,

    Found your blog through facebook-great stuff! I work in non-profit marketing and just started a blog discussing how fundraisers should market to Gen Y. Focus a lot on social media tools, etc. I will add you to my blogroll-GenerationYGive.blogspost.com, check it out, would be great if you shared some thoughts on your experience marketing to the demographic.

  10. I can’t spell: the site is GenerationYGive.blogspot.com.

  11. Awesome blog… truly great stuff. Just one “housekeeping” note… your “subscribe” graphic link is misspelled. No big deal, but it’s SO easy to overlook it when you do it yourself. As a fellow WMBN member… I thought you should know. Thanks! Larry (smartbrandblog)

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  13. Very nice, I like it!

  14. […] when I started looking for bloggers to review my book, Toy Box Leadership, one my first choices was DJ Francis at […]

  15. Finally! Your site is what every freelancer needs.

  16. Hi DJ,

    My name is Jennifer, and I absolutely love your blog! Not only is it a fun and entertaining to read, but also extremely educational and I have learned a lot about how marketing has changed over time. I am very excited to invite you to the Exclusive Private Beta for a startup company that I am working with called Future Delivery:

    code: jenniferfrank

    The company builds fun and productive technology for students and young professionals. Our current product, FD Career, is a career development community that compliments the lives of students and young professionals by turning their lives into an online RPG game. Every time you gain an internship, become a leader of an organization, or get a high GPA, you gain experience and level-up in FD Career. People with high levels gain prestige and access to new features of the site. Our goal is to make personal and professional development fun for
    students and young professionals.

    I feel that your readers would greatly benefit from using FD Career because it is all about being productive while having fun. Our full launch will be August 20th, and students and young professionals will be able to complete quests online that will be both educational and

    I hope that you have the time to check out the site and send me your feedback. If you feel the site has great potential, it would be great to be featured on your blog!

    Thank you very much DJ, and I look forward to hearing back.

    All the best,


  17. Hello DJ,
    Great blog you have going here.
    The web needs more “plain english” explanation of Web 2.0 marketing tools.
    I look forward to reading more.
    Scott Fox

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