5 Essential Tips To Jumpstart Your Marketing Career

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Courtesy of jbhill via Flickr

Courtesy of jbhill via Flickr

My syndication through BrazenCareerist has made me think a lot more about my career path. In part, my vocation (online marketing) did not even exist when I was in college.

How did I get here? And how can I help others find success in their marketing careers?

I posed the following question to my friends in the WordPress Marketing Bloggers Network (WMBN): “What was the most important lesson that prepared you for your marketing career?” Their replies were insightful, honest, and practical. Here are 5 essential tips to help you on your way to a career in marketing.

I guess I would boil it down to two words: Don’t Stop. Don’t stop writing, thinking, learning, meeting people, whatever. Once you stop, you’re done. Try something new or different and if it doesn’t quite work, don’t stop, just try it a different way. Marketing is about constantly tweaking, even when it’s working.

-Rick Liebling, eyecube

As a creative guy (copywriter), it was sometimes frustrating to see the client change something that I’d worked really hard on. But then a creative director sat me down, explained that my passion was admirable, but it was their money. It’s important to state the argument, but if they don’t agree, it’s their money.

Then, we went for a beer.

-Matt Hames, Share Marketing

There have been so many good lessons along the path of my career that it’s apparent they’ve all contributed to a collective pool of experience that has guided me in hard times, and in good.

Most importantly, I’ve learned from many individuals that I’ve had the pleasure to work with that honesty and trust are the two key values to hold close to long term success. So many times, we’re tempted to tell a client what we think they want to hear, or adjust our standards or timelines to meet their expectations and demands. In the long run, if you’re honest with yourself and your client, and trust that no matter what challenges you face you’ll emerge successful; the circumstances of your relationships won’t dictate you – you will dictate them.

Maintaining your personal and professional integrity, and trusting in your “inner voice” will serve you well in the end.

-Larry DeVincenzi, SmartBrand Blog

[Paul doesn’t consider himself a marketer, but rather a journalist. However, I think his advice is still apt.]

From a journalist’s point of view, my answer is:

Learn something new every day. One of my former newspaper editors gave me this advice about 6 years into my career. Up to that point I had moving up the career ladder fairly slowly and without much direction. Taking his advice made me realise how much I could learn from the people I worked with, interviewed for articles, photographers I went out on assignments with and above all my family and friends.

It is still a lesson I try hard to put into practice today. I’m comfortable knowing there are gaps in my knowledge – quite big in some cases – but the fun comes in attempting to fill them. No-one knows it all; we can all learn something.

-Paul Groves, Groves Media

And me? It’s not necessarily unique to marketing, but the best lesson I learned was when someone told me: “The worst they can tell you is ‘No.'”

Once you eliminate this fear of failure – or fear of things beyond failure – you can do most anything. Maybe I was anxious about people liking me or driven by ambition to succeed every single time – I don’t know. But whenever I acknowledged that simple failure was the worst option, it got me thinking about every other option that wasn’t failure.

What was your most important lesson? Feel free to leave your personal lesson or remark on these ones in the comments section below.

And be sure to check out all of the great content produced by these and other members of the WMBN. You can find a full list in the right-hand column.


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  1. Terrific post. Thanks for including my thoughts, but without them still a great post. I really enjoyed reading the sharp advice of the others.

  2. Nice post. I too have been told “The worst they can tell you is ‘No’” and the advice was invaluable!

  3. Great post. I am thrilled because none of the advices is rocket-science, you can say it to yourself, but we need to hear from someone else…

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