Make It Personal – 3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Email Campaigns Today

April 7, 2008 at 5:41 am | Posted in Online marketing | 2 Comments

Sometimes with all the Web 2.0 hullabaloo, we stray from the communication basics that have worked so well for millennia. This week, I will show you three easy methods guarenteed to improve your open rates and click throughs – and they are so simple that they are often over-looked. Today’s is the first in the three part series: making your email personal.

Make it personal: Study after study has shown that personal emails work better than generic ones. Your emails should start with “Hello [recipient’s name],”. Your email shouldn’t sound like it was spat out of the corporation marketing bot. You should know your audience enough to gauge what will matter to them.

Making your email personal involves two aspects: the copywriting and the database (think of it as the right-brain and left-brain of your communication strategy).

First, the copywriting needs to sound like it was written by a human. You might chuckle, but we have all receive those types of emails where the copy practically yaps at us in monotones. If this is for work and your boss is nervous about “normal-sounding” copy, pass along this story from Deliver Magazine about the success enjoyed by health care providers who injected humor into their marketing message. You can also check out more helpful tips for “dressing” your content at Copyblogger.

Second, use your database to deliver personal message (even if they aren’t all that personal). I recommend using a CRM/email solution like and ExactTarget. By merging your customer relationship management with your outgoing communications, you can deliver personal email.

For example, imagine that you have 10 salespeople each with 100 business contacts. With a Salesforce/ExactTarget system, you could have the same important content go out under each salesperson’s name to their individual contacts. And study after study shows that emails delivered by a trusted source get opened more often. (Helpful hint: include a photo of each salesperson – that helps click-throughs!)

Later this week, I will cover two more topics that will help improve your email campaign – targeted/relevant information and better/simpler email design. Subscribe today so you don’t miss them!



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