Online Marketing Skills Aid Housewife’s Counterterrorism Campaign

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One of my taglines is that online marketing is easy (as easy as offline marketing, at least). Sure, the medium is different, but it is about building trust, creating a bond with a reader or consumer, and instigating an action based on this relationship.

Here is a story from WIRED magazine that builds on these ideas, for the good of society: Behind Enemy Lines With a Suburban Counterterrorist.

A housewife in Montana has infiltrated terrorist cells through online marketing. Don’t believe me? Listen to how she gets close to terrorists [emphasis mine]:

“Once a kind of bare trust is established, she will, like a good con artist, push her mark away, refusing him, telling him he’s not worth her time. Then he will come right back, often with surprising offerings of information to prove that he is the real thing. “If they could see me, little blond me, they’d go crazy,” she says in a burst of hearty laughter.

Much of Rossmiller’s success can be credited to her understanding that the chattiness and chumminess that often cinches digital friendships applies in terrorist chat rooms just as it does in Yahoo Nascar forums.”

The same concepts that drive Rossmiller’s campaign should be the same in theory that drive all online marketers: trust creates a relationship creates an action. I will delve into trust more in later posts, but creating trust online is the same as our other relationships – it’s built on loyalty, integrity, professionalism, and dialogue.

Can online marketing save the world? Maybe not. But it sure doesn’t hurt with examples like these.


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